Friday, May 12, 2006

Log / Pic 6 Hue, Vietnam

So I already am forgetting what I wrote and did not. This will be a short blog about Hue (way) and pictures to tell the words. We spent a day on the Song Houng River, also known as the Perfume River. We saw the typical temples and all, but mostly just watched the river people do what they do.

I continue to eat mainly rice and try to get some meat once in awhile. There seem to be onions in every dish I see. I continue to shed stuff with each place I leave. I may have to buy a shirt because the cotton ones I wash in the sink do not dry fast enough. The three pairs of $25 underwear I bought before I left are working splendidly-wear, wash, dry by morning. But enough about my underwear-check out the pics from the river in Hue!

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