Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Log/Pic 15 Phom Phen, Cambodia

So I met back up with Punda in Cambodia (had gone to Hong Kong to meet his girlfriend). I stayed the first night in the O.K. Guest House. Punda had had a dumpy place on the other end of town that he had already committed to (I was carrying the Lonely Planet book). We met up with Natalie and Keith and they graciously let us crash in their living room. We put on our earplugs and blinders to use for this week.

This photo was from a trip we took down the Mekong River. Their were many more photos but you are probably sick of river pictures from Vietnam. Besides, I needed to use the rest of my space showing you my bonding with the bear day. ALL the rest of the photos below.

This is a sun bear-very rare.
This is her foot.
Sun bear biting her owner.
Note the unique marking, a cresent. I couldn't believe it was a sun bear because I had seen a Discovery Channel special on a guy who rehabilitated similar bears that were called moon bears. Plus I had just seen a black bear with white markings on the neck at the Myanmar Zoo. The sign said Asiatic bear. After looking it up, I realized the Asiatic, Himilayan black, and moon bear are one in the same. These bears have a "v" shape white mark. Although the sun bear is very rare, that's what I played with.
Wicked long tongue
Who has it better than me?
Here he is biting me. It didn't hurt, but later when he swatted my wrist, it ripped off my bracelet and left a scratch. That did hurt, but it was cool because it came from a bear.
So I had to restrain him like I learned to do at C.C.M.C.

What a day.
Well I'm off to Borneo, Malaysia to find some orangutans.
Miss ya'll. Blog ya soon. Love, Larry

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