Monday, August 28, 2006

Log/Pic 19 Indonesia

So I arrived in Bali and stayed a few days in Kuta. It had a nice beach and lots of surfers. Many people wanting to drive me somewhere or sell me everything from hammocks to blowguns. Others offered their services from massaging me, doing my nails, or cleaning my ears-some wanted to do all at the same time! I needed to get away from the constant harassment.

I went to Lovina. I stayed at a home-stay bungalow on the beach for $5 per night-including breafast! It was nice and relaxing looking out at the Bali Sea and the black sand beach. Iwent on outrigger canoes to see dolphins for sunrise and to snorkel. I went diving a couple of days off Menjangan Island on the NW side of Bali.

Next I headed to Tulemben. I spent Three nights listening to the ocean just outside my bungalo and lots of shore dives on the U.S. Liberty shipwreck just off shore.

Then I went to Padang Bay to catch a five-hour ferry to Lombok's Gili Islands. I stayed three nights on Gili T and three nights on Gili Air. I dove off both these islands and also Gili Meno. I saw lots of sharks, turtles and a three and 1/2 foot sea cobra.

Lastly, I took a boat to Lobok, then a motorized buggy to a little airport, then took a flight back to Bali's capital. I had a 12 hour wait to catch a 2:30 am flight to Jayapura, Papua (the farthest eastern Indonesian island). From there I started my journey to Papua New Guinua.

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