Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Log/Pic 70 Moto & Photo

So I took a couple motorcycle trips this month-one to New York for an environmental fair, and one to Maine to see my newly pregnant Godchild Jessica. Below is a photo of her, me, and her dad Gus, my old Navy buddy.

On the way home I spent the day at Walden Pond in Mass.

This place was made famous by Henry Davis Thoreau. Below is the site of the cabin he lived in for two years and two months.

Here is a replica of the cabin.

Some of his many famous words.

I displayed some of photos at the Somers art show/contest. Here is my mom 'Glo' who came to check out the display.

Here is my beautiful niece Sarah.

Ray Kaplan looking at the rest of my work.

I went on the 'Miracle Ride' to raise money for my old employer Connecticut Children's Medical Center. Smaller groups gathered at various businesses and then we all met in Newington-about 1300 of us!

Two by two we rode.

As we passed the Children's hospital in Hartford, patients, families, and staff greeted us.

Do I look happy in the reflection.

We ended in Granby and pigged out like hogs.

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