Friday, August 21, 2009

Log/Pic 73 Spain/Canary Islands, Morocco & Portugal

Above is me in a sea cave in La Gomera
So after a day in Madrid, we headed out to the Canary Islands. We started in Fuertoventura and stayed in the rural area of Villaverde at this 200 year-old hacienda.
View from within a cave on Tindaya Mountain
Bread-man pulling fresh bread from an outdoor stone stove
Bread-woman selling fresh baked bread to us
Great kite-surfing beaches. Below is a nude beach.
Took a ferry over to Lanzanote...
... to see the volcano.
Then to La Gomera to see the sea caves (1st photo)...
...and plush forests
After a week there, we flew to Malaga, Spain and then on to Gibralter-to see the rock.
From there we drove to the southern tip and took a ferry over to Morocco.

Venders everywhere
Lisa's first camel ride-in Africa-with a seperated collar bone.
Took time for some Moroccan music
Drove the rest of the southern coast of Spain and up to Seville.
Saw Christopher Columbus's Tombinside St. Mark's Church...
...and also his monument in a nearby park next to a palace.
We crossed over into Portugal and saw this graveyard within a castle.
The beaches along the southern coast, the Algarves, was my favorite part of this country. I was not the only one apparently because it was way overcrowded. After we made it to the end of the southern coast- spending two nights sleeping in the compact rental car- we drove up the east coast and then headed inland visiting several other little towns along the way.

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