Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Log / Pic 89 Spanish Wells, Bahamas

So our next stop this summer was the Bahamas-Spanish Wells and Eluthra.
Our cottage
My roommates
Our Transportation
My future job
Cliff diving-not the coconut
Cindy with a huge Parrot fish
Cindy with a huge hog fish
Cindy with twin lobsters (craw fish to locals)
Crazy Roy spearing
Roy and Cindy with un-welcome lion fish
Taking a break from snorkeling with a mango
Kirkland with a sea turtle-he released it...this day
Our return back from sea
A visit to Russel Island to see Apay and the Haitians play Dominos. Clothes pins are placed on the arms of the losers.
Nighttime entertainment was games, singing, and endless, facinating stories by the Pinder men.
A trip to Eluthra Island to pick mangoes and visit Preacher Cave and "Bat Cave"
A precious mango
Preacher Cave
Bat Cave
We ended our trip with some wave running thanks to the gracious Kathy

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