Thursday, February 09, 2012

Log/Pic 104 El Salvador

So last summer I went to El Salvador. I didn't get around to blogging it because of all the book stuff. This is the capitol, San Salvador. I had to include this picture of Jungle's Discotec, although you know I never stepped foot into it. In fact, I would not go out at night at all. During the day, when I tried to walk from my hotel to the building next to me the armed guards insisted that they walk me. Every shop or business throughout the city had guards in front of their stores armed with pistols and assault rifles. But I wasn't there to see the city. I was there to see the majestic mountains and countryside.

We arranged for a guide to take us up to this crater.
He was very informative about the country and it's violent history.
The highlight of the day was zip lines of course.
This is one of my favorite activities.
Awesome foliage

There were armed guards throughout the little shops in the country too...and even on our zip line adventure!

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