Monday, May 07, 2012

Log/Pic 107 Antigua / Barbuda

So this blog is exactly six years old. I started it when I began my second around-the-world trip in 2006. Just before I went on this year-long trip, I decided to take a vacation!
I went to Antigua-with my Georgian friend,  Cindy. 

Great beaches
great kayaking
great sailing.
We traveled around the island and visited the old section
and markets.
Then we hopped on the ferry to take us to Barbuda, Antigua's sister island.
This fight with the locals was for fun, the one on the way back would not be.
Cindy and I took a little boat to go visit the friggit birds-
-you know the ones with the big red pouches on their throats.
Oh, they must have forgot to mention that they only look like that during mating season.

So we just saw some regular looking birds.
We visited some cool caves and then headed back to Antigua to finish my pre-vacation vacation.

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