Thursday, October 19, 2006

Log/Pic 29 Galopogos

So here are some underwater photos from snorkels and dives! From this spot is where the sea lion bit me in the arm. The beach just opposite this one we could not snorkel because the white tip sharks were everywhere right off shore in like six inches of water.
Cool crabs!
Playful sea lions
Even saw a couple of penquins!
The marine iquanas eating the algae from the rocks
Always seeing sharks.
Snorkeling with sea lions.
Saw many turtles, but this was red!
A baby sea lion nursing on the red sand beach as the bull males kept watch from just off shore.
Finally saw hammerhead sharks. We saw six or seven this dive. I got a job on a dive boat and got a little residential apartment. I probably wont blog for awhile because there will be nothing new...except stuff like this!

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