Monday, October 23, 2006

Log/Pic 31 Puerto Ayora, Galapogos

So this is life in the Galapogos Islands. There are marine iguanas everywhere. At this place in Tortuga Bay. I see them swimming, walking right past me while I sunbath, and in this area I see groups of 25 and more all hanging together.
A view from across the bay.
A zebra eel. A first for me!
From the dock of the bay. This is where the cruise and dive boats hang.
The fishing dock. As the boats come in with their catch, so do the pelicans, frigates, and sea lions.
This is my apartment. Not much, but I love it...except for the roosters...and the barking dogs...and the construction on my building that usually starts around six in the morning.
My dive shop sign.
My dive shop.
SEA CLOUD, the sailboat I came in on. This is the view from behind the wheelhouse where I spent most of my time. I always wanted to be on deck with the wind blowing through my hair. I didn't sleep in my cabin until the 3rd night. The captain even allowed me a couple of shifts steering the boat!
This is me and Gustavo on our dive boat DIOS ME GUIE. Gordon Rocks, the site of all the hammerheads, is in the background.
BLOG YA SOON with more photos of the GALAPOGOS! LOVE LARRY

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