Sunday, November 12, 2006

Log/Pic 32 The Highlands, Galapogos

So I knew I said I wasn't going to blog for awhile, but today was a day off of diving and I had the coolest experience with the giant Galopagos tortoises. This couple in town invited me to their farm in the highlands and they had these monsters everywhere.
These eight in this small pond became 17 before I headed back to the farm. I returned only because the sun was going down. On my way back there were three more on their way to submerge for the night.
I layed down on my belly and watched this one for a long time. I think Imight have even sang to it-o.k. I did.
As each one lathargically slid into the water, bubbles came out from under them and the ducks would feed in the stirred up moss.
Alright, I really liked this one.
This one ate flowers.
This one posed for the camera.
It's obvious why the first people named them based on their resemblance to elephants.
Up until around thirty, their age can be determined by the rings within each shute.
The tortoises make a hissing noise when first approached. They also make a kind of mooing sound at times. My favorite was just sitting there in silence and listening to them breathe.

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