Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Log/Pic 37 Ushuaia, Argentina

So this is Ushuaia! The world's most southern town. It's a quaint little town that reminds me of Seward, Alaska. Pretty much each day here it is cold, warm, sunny and raining in its 18 hours of daylight. I imagine it's the same in the winter, without the heat and change the daylight to dark.
Boats in the bay, cold, clear, mountains in the background. Its only 650 miles from Antarctica...this is a problem for me.

Even the seagulls are cool looking!

This is a view from above looking down on the town. The mountains of Chile in the background.

This is the Spanish school where I'm taking class and these are the instructors and other students.

Hiking in Patagonia...yeah!!

Woodpecker or carpintero patagonico

Lots of cool lichen throughout the park and surrounding area. I heard there is lichen in Antarctica, I need to go find out!

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