Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Log/Pic 35 Española, Galapogos

So I know I promised no more Galopogos photos, but this is Española!
Above is the masked boobie.
This is a sally light-foot crab.

The marine iguanas on this island where red and some where green. It is December but I think they are this color all year round.

see website for additional pics of Galop

This is what makes this island famous. The only nesting place for the Waved Albotrose. The baby is the fat, fury one. The babies get bigger than their mom and have to lose weight before they can fly. They can spend six months at sea and will return to this nesting place when they are six years old.

Two adult Albatros chilling. We saw probably 25 of them, one in flight from our four-hour boat trip from San Cristobol.

Here we saw dozens of Blue-footed boobies. This one was performing the ritual mating dance.

These two were doing their famous march.

A Galopogos hawk. We saw two males and a female.

Red-beaked tropic bird in flight.

Me bonding with a baby sea lion. Can't touch the wildlife, but I didn't read anything about kisses!

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