Monday, January 08, 2007

Log/Pic 39 Antarctic Penguins

Antarctica! The 7th continent. And MY 7th continent as well. As some may know I was planning a trip to the windiest, coldest, highest and driest continent, on February 5th. Well that didn't quite work for me,I couldn't wait!

So I searched out a "last minute" deal and found one. The trip was incredible. We had a smooth cruise through the Beagle Channel followed by two days of hell through the Drake Passage after rounding Cape horn. We spent a day at the Shetland Islands before making our way to the continent. These penguins were the main attraction.


Jumping penguins

Diving penguins

Macho penguins

Bigmouth penguins

Shy penguins

(please see website for the following pics)

Kissing penguins

Growing penguins

Proud penguins

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