Friday, January 12, 2007

Log/Pic 42 Antarctic Birds

So this is where it all starts. I was a couple weeks late to be able to see the chicks being born, but I sure did see a lot of regurgitation!
Below are cormorants nesting and plummaging

A graceful albatros. Many followed our boat throughout the Drake Passage. We also saw petrels, gulls, terns and shags.

This skua mistakened my head as a nest. Understandable. Note the penguins squaking at it. The skuas steal and eat the young penguins...we witnessed it!

Here, an adelae penguin freaks me out with its crazy stare

This macaroni penguin is the only one we saw. It was amongst a huge colony of chinstraps.

(sorry-this photo is on my website only)

One of two huge whale skeletons that had washed up on this beach.

Majestic mountains

Where the HELL are all the penguins?

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