Thursday, February 22, 2007

Log/Pic 43 Antarctica

So this is the Sarpik Ittuk, one of Quark's ship. This is the boat I took on my 2nd Antarctic trip. I took this picture one morning when the bay was as quiet and still as it ever could have been. It was nicer than the Antarctic Dream and the company was much more professional. The expedition leaders were very interesting, informative, and some were kind of heroic! Below is a photo of them returning to the boat from land carrying the emergency supplies.

Here is the gang. Thi (Ice-T), Brian (King), Anita (Gentoo), Kevin (Punda) , and me (with the spider on my head).
Conversations with penguins.

Old whaling boat-Whalers Bay, Deception Island.
see photo on website
Gentoo on ice.

Petrel Base, an Argentina research station believed to be abandoned. It was not.

My favorite iceberg. Note the prince on top and the seal looking through the hole.
sorry-photo on website only
Below is my favorite iceberg photo. Which way is up?

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