Friday, March 02, 2007

Log/Pic 44 Back in the U.S.A.

So I'm back in the U.S. now. I arrived in Ft. Myers, Fl. and bought my old truck back from my previous study-buddy, Connie. We hung for a couple days then I hooked up with Charles to do some fossiling . We didn't find any shark teeth or other fossils, but we did spot a gator when we were canoeing the Peace River. Here we are digging in Joshua Creek.

Next stop, Tony from Tampa! Chilled in the pool/jacuzzi for a few days with his brother Nick, then Tony (Nyani) helped me buy a new Dell computer so I can play with some of the photos I took in the last year.

I headed North to Georgia to bond with my good friend Cindy. We went on some great hikes including this one called "Little Grand Canyon". The munchkin is Cora, part of Cindy's ever- multiplying family.

Next stop was North Carolina where I saw many family members. From the left is my uncle John, aunt barbara, cousin-in-law Jeff, cousin Annette, brother John, mom Glo, and me.

These are the nice neighbors, Ned (in background) and Sherry and my 2nd cousins Tyshe and Toa.
Sherry and Ned breed "Japanese Chins." They have 21 of them at this time?

Here is one of them!

Here are the rest!!!

These are my cousins from Japan: Tyler, his mom Tomoko, and you've met Toa and Tyshe.
This is the entire family including my cousin John, wife, Ricky and son Zak.

I'm back in Connecticut and connecting with family and friends. Not sure what's next!

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