Thursday, April 05, 2007

Log/Pic 45 Canada/Minn/North Dakota

So I decided to take a little trip before I started work. I Heading to New Hampshire to kayak with my fun cousins.

Then through Vermont and into Ontario. I heard this red-headed woodpecker by my campsite.
I saw five moose while driving the three days in Canada.

Beautiful lakes and rivers

I photographed this fox lazing on the side of the road until I got too close and it scurried up the rocks and disappeared.

After a quick drive in Minnosota's walleye capitol of the world, I spotted this Buffalo herd in North Dakota.

Traveling on Route 66 was...well, uneventful.

...until I came across the center of North America!!

Long horn steer in the middle of nowhere!

Here was my hotel for the last week. This was my campsite on the Missouri River at the Lewis & Clark State Park. I was the only one in the entire park which made hiking boring and the howls of coyotes/wolves kinda scary.