Saturday, March 22, 2008

Log/Pic 56 Blast from the Past 2005

So I hadn't really done much in March, so I thought a blast from the past would be cool. In 2005 Tony from Tampa and I went to Panama to see the famous Panama Canal shown below.
I visited the Panama Zoo looking for a sloth. Instead we found the huge Harpie Eagle, Panama's national bird, which eats sloths!

We went to Costa Rica in April to do some diving, hang in the hot springs, and see the volcanoes.

We rode the highest zip lines...

...and the longest.

This is us after taking on the Tarzan Jungle Swing.

Great animals in Costa Rica.

In July of my summer vacation, I flew to Maui to hike and dive. In November I took a trip out West to see some more animals.
Above is Zion, below is Minnosota.
South Dakota buffalo

I hit the four corners.

Mesa Verde

Mount. Rushmore

I did some caves/caverns. This is in Arkansas.

Arches and monuments

I hit a bunch of state/national, parks/forests in Minnasota, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Kentucky, New Mexico, Arkansas, and West Virginia-not necessarily in that order. It was a good year!

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