Friday, September 22, 2006

Log/pic 24 Australia

So after PNG, I headed to Australia to see the Australian Zoo and hopefully meet this man. As you are aware my hero got killed less than a week earlier by a stingray. I spent a couple days in Cairns and then went to Brisbane (Steve's zoo is about 70 km north). I went to the zoo the next day. Although it was impressive, and I was able to see several animals I had not seen before, it was a very sad atmosphere. There were hundreds of flowers and plants around the outside, brought in by the crocodile hunter's fans, and more were being brought each day. They plan to bury him on the grounds and there was to be a ceramony two days after I was there.
A koala and her baby-this one's for you mom!
This is the dingo that ate that lady's baby.
Two kangaroos (or wallabes-still haven't figured out the difference), caught in the act.
Tazmanian devil

It was nice to just chill in Australia. Brisbane was a nice clean, friendly city but I really enjoyed my hostel, Aussie Way. It was relaxing just talking to fellow travelers with no language barrier or cultural difference.

I couldn't do the Pacific Islands because it was too hard to get to and too expensive. I'm running out of money. Based on my expenditures thus far, I had to adjust my plans and will have to dive the Pacific at a later date. With money running out, I'm heading to South America-via Tahiti and Easter Island of course!

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