Friday, September 22, 2006

Log/Pic 26 Easter Island

So this is Easter Island. It belongs to Chili. I arranged a three day layover before I went to Santiago, Chili. The first day was raining and the waves were crazy.
The island was filled with free-range horses.
The rain stopped just before sunset. I arranged to scuba dive the next day but the people who I was staying with did not wake me up as I had requested. I stayed at someones house I had met at the airport. This time I at least had a room off the porch instead of just a bed on the porch. I probably would have gotten up in time if the extended family did not party all night-ON THE PORCH!
There were many caves on the island used by the Rapa Nui people of the past.
The statues were huge.
Some were on the ocean facing inland, some were inland facing the ocean.
I rented a motorcycle to insure I saw it all! It was wicked fun because the dirt roads were mud due to the previous day's rain.
Several islands off the southeastern coast from the main village
Well I'm heading to my 6th continent-blog ya later!

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