Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Log / Pic 99 Natural Wonders Photographs

So September was a great month for Natural Wonders. This is me at the Litchfield arts & craft faire. Below I am replacing a sold picture.
I also sold my book here.
One of my students came by to show his support.
September was a good month for Summers Off too!
I had my books for sale at the CT Authors and Publishers Association (CAPA) booth at the Big E. On the 22nd I did a 3-hour book signing.
Below is me signing for Patrick and Anneka from Switzerland.
Two happy campers
I did an art show in Simsbury on the 17th and 18th.
Sold photos...
and my book.
Great success with both.
I entered an art contest in Agawam MA.
Won Third Place!
My first ribbon for photography
Proud Boy
My winning photo
After winning this award I was selected to judge an art show in Rockville/Vernon.
I was also commissioned to decorate the Crown Plaza Restaurant/Bar. There are fourteen 16x20 and 20x30 inch pictures currently hanging in the Cromwell location on Rt. 372.
Below is a show I did in Berlin. Yes, I always wear the same shirt to my shows.
Below is Glo-my mom, who helped me set up the show.
Below is bro-my brother, John, who was also in the show with his woodcarvings.

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