Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Log / Pic 100 Jungle Jack Hanna

So this is my 100th blog! Wow! for over 5 years I've been blogging about my travel, adventures, or experiences. Well, this month I was fortunate enough to meet one of my heros, Jungle Jack Hanna. I've watch Jack on Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures, Jack Hanna's Into the Wild, Letterman, and Ellen (not that I watch that show...unless Jack is on). Jungle Jack travels the world to see wild animals. He also raises awareness to help animals in need through books, television and talks. Saturday he spoke at the Warner in Torrington, CT. I got there a couple hours early (it's what I do). I went in to see if he would be signing books before the show. He had just arrived and was in the lobby. I walked up and started talking to him. He brought me backstage to give me a picture. There was a problem so I had to wait. I waited while he directed all the staff on how the show would go (music, videos, lights, layout, etc). I waited contently as I watched all the animals being brought in from outside-a sloth, cheetah, owl, python, fox, etc. Above is Jack signing a photo for me backstage.
Below is a photo of me and Jack that I was wicked psyched to get.
Jack's Into the Wild Tour began with an inspirational speech, followed by videos of him going into a bear den and holding a baby bear.
He also had video of him and his family visiting mountain gorillas... favorite.
Jack brought a bunch of animals on stage and gave a bunch of interesting facts about each one of themHere is a two-toed sloth. I hiked for days (okay, hours) in Central America on several occasions to find a sloth, and nothing!
an owl
a type of wolf
a huge python, a penguin, and many others-my favorite being the cheetah.
It was a great show and a great experience. After the show I bought his book, and he signed it, Jungle to Jungle.

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