Thursday, November 10, 2011

Log / Pic 101 Connecticut's Fall/Winter Storm

So Connecticut's awesome foliage got interrupted a bit when we got an unexpected snow storm.
Although the trees that made it looked great with the snow sticking to them, most lost many branches.
Here is my neighbor to my right. He had a big branch on his car, and one on my fence.
My neighbor to my left, well our branches fell on two of their cars.
Above is our front yard-most was covered with limbs.
Luckily, this is the only branch that made it to our house. Some gutter damage and a couple holes in the siding.
Oh, yeah, and some fence damage. This is our side yard.
Our back patio got covered, and after i tore this down and burned it, It was followed by another.
We actually lost three or four big branches from our backyard tree.
We lost branches from every tree we have (had).
Above was the view when I walked to my hiking trail across the street.
Below is the sign for the Scantic River Park.
This does not look the same as it usually does. Maybe it is the obstacle course I had to take to get onto the trail.
Once i reached the river, there were limbs down everywhere...and still falling!
Below is the picnic table by the entrance.
This is what I saw heading the other way. Many of these power lines would eventually be out.
This section of the road was clear, but other sections and roads would be closed due to down lines and trees.
Luckily I had the 5 days off work so didn't really need to move my Jeep anyway.

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